Using the Dog-Kind to Disprove Evolution

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Using the Dog-Kind of Animal to Disprove Evolution

On this page, I use kinds of dogs as an example that animals are in distinct groups, such as dogs cats or bears, but that there is no overlapping between groups. Each group has a lot of varieties that are able to mate and produce fertile offspring: the definition of the term species.

Dogs, wolves and coyotes are all the same kind of animal. There is no evidence in living things, or in the fossil record, that any basic kind of animal changed into any other basic kind of animal. Each basic kind of animal must have been created.

Pictures of Varieties of Dogs, Including Wolves

Look at the pictures of the pretty dogs:

Oh, wait, those are not dogs. Those are wolves. They are not even the same species of wolf! They are two different species of wolf.

Grey Wolf (Canis lupus)
Grey Wolf (Canis lupus)

Red Wolf (Canis rufus)
Red Wolf (Canis rufus)

You can tell right off that these are different species of wolf by the fact that they are different colors, right?

But, wait a minute! Look at all those pictures of dogs below. Hey, they all look different from each other, and they are all dogs. What is the deal?

Little black and white dog with big dog
Little black and white dog with big dog

Big white dog with little brown dog
Big white dog with little brown dog

Big black and white dog with little white dog
Big black and white dog with little white dog

Little brown and black dog with big brown dog
Little brown and black dog with big brown dog

Little black dog with big black and brown dog
Little black dog with big black and brown dog

Little brown and white dog with big black dog
Little brown and white dog with big black dog

Big brown dog with little brown and tan dog
Big brown dog with little brown and tan dog

Big tan dog with little black dog
Big tan dog with little black dog

All Dogs are the Same Species

All of these dogs look very different from each other. They are different sizes and different colors, plus, they have different coat textures. But, they are all the same species: The Domestic Dog. How then can the grey wolf and the red wolf be different species? They look the same except for the color fur.

The deal is, we KNOW that all dogs are the same species because we know that they are the same species. Yes, you read that correctly. If a scientist came along and saw a poodle or a St. Bernard living in the wild, he would publish a paper on the new species he has found.

But, since we have lived so closely with dogs for hundreds of years, they would not dare try to fool us by telling us that a poodle is a different species than a St. Bernard. We know that dogs are dogs are dogs because the dog next door jumps over the fence to have babies with our dog. Then, the babies were more dogs.

But, we are told that all the little variation in groups of dogs (and bears, cats,etc) is a new species .

The Science of Taxonomy — Definition of Species

Carl Linnaeus is called the Father of Taxonomy. He developed the classification system that became what now called taxonomy. He was just trying to categorize the types of animals to see how many kinds of animal that God created.

But, evolution-believing scientists have taken his system of categorizing animals into the kinds that God kinds, and decided that it now shows evolutionary relationships.

Carl Linnaeus defined the word Species like this (paraphrase): If two animals can mate and produce fertile offspring then they are the same species.

He was trying to find the maximum number of animals that God created in order to have all the variations that we now have.

Dogs, Wolves, Coyotes, etc can all Produce Fertile Offspring Together

It is well known that different species of wild dogs can cross-breed and produce fertile offspring together. But, is the word cross-breed really accurate?

Cross-breed means to mate to different species together. Wolfdog and coydog are names of two of the cross-bred variations. Carl Linnaeus. who defined the term species defined it that if they can mate and have babies then they are the same species. What is the deal? Why are not dogs, wolves, coyotes, etc all the same species?

There is no Cross-Breeding between Dogs, Cats and Bears

The definition of species has changed just in my lifetime. Now, the term species is giving to every small various within a type of animal. Why? Because there is not enough evidence to prove evolution (because it is not true).

Dogs only make dogs, bears only make bears, cats only make cats. There is no cross-breeding between cats and dogs, or between dogs and bears, or between bears and cats. But, they are in the same Order Carnivore, meaning that they are related to each other evolutionarily-speaking. (again, by using the categories that Carl Linnaeus made to name the kinds of animals that God created.)

Dogs, Cats and Bears Cannot Mate, but are Related According to Evolutionists

But, how can cats, dogs and bears be related if they are isolated within their own reproductive circle? Exactly. That is what evolutionists are trying to hide. If they define a zillion species of dogs, a zillion species of cats, and a zillion species of bears, we will be fooled into believing that new animals are being developed by evolution all the time.

Because evolution is called a fact (even though there is no proof) they have to make more evidence or people might quit believing it.

Conclusion: God Created the Basic Types of Animals

In reality, God created the basic kinds of animals: dogs, cats, bears, etc. Each basic kind of animal has the capacity for adapting to any ecological zone they come across. That is not evolution, that is good planning. That is only the innate genetic diversity that God programmed into all his creations.

Endangered Species are Not Species, Only Variations

A population of animals (or humans, too), who only interbreed with each other will start to look like each other. This family resemblance is what is miss-named a species. Then, since that species that only developed in one place is named an endangered species because it is not any place else.

• • • • •

In thirty years, after the isolated population of goldfish in my backyard pond has been only reproducing with each other, I am going to have an endangered species of goldfish. I am going go ask for federal funding to protect their habitat.


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