Check out the turtle gadget by aBowman

I have some really cute turtles on my iGoogle page, but they do not work here in WordPress, apparently. If it had worked, there would be three turtles swimming around in this post. But, when I tried in the last post, I had a very nice blank spot in the middle of the post that was supposed to be my turtles.

Since the gadget does not work here. But, here is a screen cap of my turtles just to show how cute they are: Gadget - Turtles Gadget - Turtles

You can feed them and they swim towards the food. The default color is brown, but you can color them how you want.

It’s a fun way to spend 15 minutes if there is nothing else pressing to deal with…

Get yourself some turtles for your iGoogle page here: There are other gadgets here:

The turtles show up in my Blogger page: Pop over and feed them if you want to check them out…



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