Oh boy, no spam on my new “Windows Live Space”!

Now that my Windows Live Space has been exported over to WordPress.com, I’ve been having a lot of fun with it. WordPress is SO much more versatile than Spaces was. Plus, it catches spam.

When my Space was first exported to WordPress, the spam catcher caught over 3000 spam comments and filtered them out of my comments. Wow, that is so great!

I messed with Spaces spam for way too long. I fought long and hard to try to cut down the spam by reporting it faithfully. Now, now I am in a neighborhood that catches the spam for me. Oh man, I love this feature!

Another great thing, I was just able to choose three different categories for this post. Oh man I love it here in WordPress.com!



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One response to “Oh boy, no spam on my new “Windows Live Space”!

  1. Hi X, I’m glad you are happy in your new home. Your site looks great too! I see on the WordPress dashboard that you can subscribe to blogs from sites other than WordPress. It’s similar to Blogger’s reader feature on theirs. So at least people on WP can do that as well as have a Blogroll with people from anywhere. But like I was just writing to Technogran, I wish Blogger’s followers gadget could also be put on a WordPress blog so people could be tied together no matter which service they were using. It’s just a thought. I hope you have a nice weekend 🙂

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