Just thought I’d pop in to say “Hi”

Hi Everybody:

I just thought I’d pop in while I was online. I’ve been busy with other priorities lately, and have not been here in Live much, lately.

I’ve been working on my website when I am online. (Reasons Why I Believe in God: X-Evolutionist.com) But, I also have other interests besides the computer: Reading books, crocheting, watching film noir once in a while, etc…

I hope all my friends here are happy and healthy.


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3 responses to “Just thought I’d pop in to say “Hi”

  1. Lady

    Hi there ,X, just glad to know everything’s ok, … take care and hope you and yours are healthy and happy too…including your menagerie…lol….bye for now…xPenx

  2. Tracey

    http://easydoesit2008.spaces.live.com/blog/cns!C1D933DD383A16B!5008.entryl thought you would be interested in this blog X.Hey l was glad to see your video on FB the other day. Hope you’re enjoying the summer – not too hot l hope! Very humid/smoggy here. l know those conditions are worse for anyone with breathing difficulties. l’m staying inside a lot because it gives me headaches which is such a drag 😦 Looking forward to a cooler (fresher air) August. Fingers crossed!

  3. X-Evolutionist

    Hi Tracey. You are very welcome! I’m glad that my little brain was able to assist you in some small way. Your message caught me on one of the rare times I had the computer on these days. I was working on my website. I’ve been leaving the computer off most of the time lately. It seems to suck out my brains if I am at it too often. You caught me just before I was turning it back off. Thanks for writing! X

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