You have to feel sick once in a while to appreciate feeling well

That is a paraphrase of something that Andy Rooney said once. I can’t find it on the internet, or I would quote the exact line.

I don’t feel good today. Yesterday morning I suddenly came down with a cold all at once. Very strange. I woke up feeling fine, and started my day. But, buy the time I was out of the shower and dressed I was all wiped out.

My hubby and I had planned to go walking in the mall. With the unpredictable weather in Oklahoma, we take walks in the mall where it is never too hot or too cold or too rainy or too icy, etc.

But, yesterday, after I had made a commitment to my hubby that I was going to go walking with him, I suddenly felt all pooped out. Being the trooper that I am, however, I went with him to the mall, hoping I wouldn’t slow him down too much.

Well rats, I slowed him down too much. I could only do one lap, and then it was time to go back to bed, rather than do my chores. My hubby was a good sport and did a load of laundry and did the dishes since I didn’t feel good.

Today, I’m not going to get any of my chores done, either. The best I’ll be able to do will be to sit here in my lazy boy chair and have a film festival.

I have a Spencer Tracy movie all cued up. I record films from Turner Classic Movies so I always have a good classic movie to watch when I need one.

Well, I have a date with my lazy boy chair, a cup of coffee and Spencer Tracy.  My chores will still be there once I feel better. Gotta go.


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6 responses to “You have to feel sick once in a while to appreciate feeling well

  1. Gerry

    Enjoy your movie X. I hope you feel better soon!

  2. Lady

    I hope you recover soon, X, it’s amazing how soon the ‘bug’ hits you for six…Feed a cold starve a fever, my mum used to say…and her mum before her….so, dunk a few biccies in that coffee for me..!! lol….xLadyPx

  3. Lady

    I had hoped to see an update saying you’d thrown off the bug…I hope you’re relaxing and that hubby is taking good care of you…TLC is what you need…have a lovely week-end….xLadyPx

  4. Do you feel better now? Hope everything will be OK!

  5. X-Evolutionist

    Thank you everybody. I feel fine now. Sorry I took so long to answer. I don’t turn on the computer very often these days. I’ve been getting into doing other things. Sometimes the computer will suck the life out of me if I let it, so I stay away sometimes. It’s going off again soon after I check my email. X

  6. Greg

    Now that the Spaces retirement and migration has been officially announced, are you planning on moving this blog over to

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