Bird watching at my backyard goldfish pond – Another nature study

This is my goldfish pond. The plants are coming back to life after a long winter’s nap:

My backyard goldfish pond

The birds in my neighborhood come often for a drink or a bath. I sat outside yesterday with our dinky digital camera and tried to get some pictures:

Mourning Dove:

Mourning Dove at my goldfish pond

This is some variety of Ring-Necked Dove. They are not indigenous here. I figure some escaped from an aviary and set up a population:

Ringnecked Dove at my goldfish pond

Male European House Sparrow:

Male House Sparrow

Two male Great Tailed Grackles. One is trying to get the other to play “who is more macho”. Whoever can stretch his neck the highest wins:

Two male Great Tailed Grackles

An American Robin in our waterfall stream:

American Robin

I noticed this grackle going around my pond and pulling out seed pods. These seed pods blow out of trees and travel pretty far like helicopters. She must be using them for nesting material. She came back several times to gather more:

Great Tailed Grackle cleans my goldfish pond

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5 responses to “Bird watching at my backyard goldfish pond – Another nature study

  1. Captain

    What other kinds of birdies do you watch? You certainly know your avian friends. With the lilly pads, you must have heard the frogs croak too… The waterfall is way cool! xOx

  2. Tracey

    You do know your birds! And your dinky camera does a pretty good job with the video. Love your yard X, those flowers in the pond look great!

  3. Les

    I used to raise the ring-necked mourning doves, they were very interesting. They could become quite tame and easy to handle. Mine loved having and raising babies, so I would let them. Other friends benefitted from them cause I would give the babies away to them as long as they promised to look after them well. They loved pop corn, if you had some, you were their friend for awhile. I would handle the babies all the time, the parents would come and feed it right in my hand.

  4. Lady

    Hiya X, we get ring necked doves ’round our way, but the rest of the crew , wow, wish we did, we’d be forever bird watching. So, here I am, bird watching on your site. Marvellous. Just going to watch the video. bye for now LadyPx

  5. Lady

    Me again, X. I really enjoyed that, being able to listen to the waterfall too, really added to the experience. I find birds and their behaviour fascinating. Thanks for sharing xx

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