I have the best husband in the world!

My hubby is at the grocery store right now. He is shopping for vegetables. And guess what? He HATES vegetables! He came across a recipe for vegetable soup that he thought that I would like, and ran right off to the store to buy the ingredients!

My hubby is a carnivore — a meat and potatoes man — and I do not eat animals. We are sort of an odd couple in that respect. I love vegetables, and my hubby loves me, so my hubby planted a vegetable garden for me this season and he is going to make me vegetable soup and zucchini pancakes.

“Zucchini pancakes? That sounds gross”. Yep, that’s what my hubby said…. Take an egg and beat it. Shred a zucchini and stir it up with the beaten egg. Put in salt and pepper to taste and drop it in a frying pan about four pancakes per pan-load. Flip them over and eat them up. Mmmmm.

For non-carnivores it makes a yummy side dish. I have not thought of zucchini pancakes for years, but my hubby is buying zucchini for my vegetable soup and there will be enough left over for pancakes. Yummy.

Sweetie, like the title of this post says, I have the best husband in the world!


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4 responses to “I have the best husband in the world!

  1. Calvin

    I love zuccini pancakes and haven’t had them in a long time. I think it’s high time I made some myself!

  2. X-Evolutionist

    @Calvin: I’m glad somebody around here knows what tastes good…. X

  3. ThisIsMyHomeRightHereWithYou

    Have never heard of them, like they say ‘don’t knock it till you have tryed it’ so am passing no comment untill a day comes where maybe i have.

  4. Captain

    That makes me second best and I don’t like to loose! lol! I liked the last part: ‘Reasons Why I Believe in God’ :O)

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