The trials and tribulations of a fifty foot long umbilical cord…


I am really angry with my oxygen hose. There, I said it and I’m glad. The frustrating thing is that I need the dang thing attached to me at all times.

At all times includes all night long, too. To get a feel for what a good night sleep is for me, put two pencils up your nose, one in each nostril … I’ll wait. Now, lay on your pillow … I’ll wait again ….

Comfy? Me neither. But, that is how I must (try to) sleep.

Besides the two pencils, OK, they are not really pencils. It is a “Nasal cannula”.

Besides the two pencils, err nasal cannula, I have a fifty foot oxygen hose that hooks to a snoring rhinoceros, err, I mean oxygen concentrator.

Not only do I have to trip over the ding dong hose all day, I have to hear the rhinoceros snore all day (and all night). Some fun.

I wrote recently about a new toy I got, a portable oxygen tank that I could hang on my shoulder:

I have a new toy – Really this is a health update, but I might as well roll with it…

That works pretty well. I just can’t get used to the feeling of having something like a gallon of milk hanging off my spine. Ouch. I only use it when I go out. (Like to the doctor — oh joy).


Ahhh. I feel better now. I just needed a rant.

It’s lunch time. I think I’ll try to maneuver myself (and my hose) into the kitchen and warm up a big mug full of potato corn chowder. Yum. (thank you Sweetie for making me potato corn chowder!)


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3 responses to “The trials and tribulations of a fifty foot long umbilical cord…

  1. Calvin

    Hi X. I am sorry to hear about your health issues. I hope your rant helped a little bit. Why don’t you put the concentrator in another room or in a closet with a longer hose to help you sleep better?

  2. X-Evolutionist

    @Calvin: Thanks. I do feel better. The snoring rhino needs fresh air. I have it in its own room with a window cracked open. But, it is just loud. X

  3. ThisIsMyHomeRightHereWithYou

    Hi X, blimey! How on this crazy planet can you possibly sleep, i can imagine with a great deal of difficulty every time you turn over. Sounds like a health hazard to you’re sleeping.

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