How to add my favorite feature, Lists, to your Windows Live Space!

I love my Windows Live Space, but I especially love the List feature! I use the List feature to keep track of many things that I want a permanent record of!

These lists are very handy for me to keep track of my favorite things. Here are some of the ways I use Windows Live Space’s List Feature:

  • A List of Wild birds I have seen in my backyard
  • Things my African Grey Parrot, Rufus, can say
  • My Favorite Books
  • My Favorite Movies
  • My Favorite Websites
  • My Favorite Bible Verses
  • and more!

To add a list to your Windows Live Space, while in the edit mode, click “Customize”:




In the pull down menu click “Add Modules”:

 Add Modules


Scroll down to “Lists” and click “Add” next to the list you want:




Here is a close up of the lists menu showing the types of lists available:


See my Windows Live Spaces lists


After you have added your List, click “Close Tab”:


Close Tab


Your new List module will be added towards the top of your space. It says: “To add this module, click Save”:


Click Save


Scroll up and click “Save”:


Click Save


Click “Customize/Rearrange or hide modules”:


Edit modules 

In the “Customize/Rearrange or hide modules” mode, grab the top of your new List module and slide it where you want it to be on your space. Click “Save” again.




Now, your List will be in your space where you want it to be. Click “Customize/Rearrange or hide modules” again, and you will see the “Edit List” link on your new list:


Edit list


Now that your list is on your space, and where you want it to be, just follow the simple instructions that you see after you click “Edit List”. You will be able to add item after item to your new list!

Have fun!


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