It’s official: My parakeet widower and my parakeet widow are now an item.

Parakeets Shelly on the left, female, and Ginger, male(4-3-10 I wrote this and forgot to post it. D’oh!)

I just came home from a ride with my hubby, and I checked on all my pets. I noticed that Shelly was sitting behind Ginger, propping him up. Ginger had his head turned around kissing Shelly. Awwww.

Ginger’s mate, Moonpie, died last week. (Goodbye Moonpie. We will miss you very much.) I was hoping he would not be alone too long.

Shelly, on the other hand, lost her mate, lovebird Pipsqueak, a year ago. She’s been fighting with Gumby, Beady’s mate. Since I only have two males, the females are jealous of who has them.

Ginger and Moonpie were the closest parakeet couple I’ve ever had in the ten years I’ve had parakeets. They totally were dedicated to each other, and totally relied on each other. I was very sad when Moonpie died, leaving Ginger alone.

Shelly has been trying to catch Ginger’s eye shortly after Moonpie died: Relationship issues in my parakeet cage – A pretty widow wants a recent widower

I’m happy that neither Ginger or Shelly are not alone anymore.


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2 responses to “It’s official: My parakeet widower and my parakeet widow are now an item.

  1. Les

    Awe, that is cute, they look happy together. It isn’t much fun being alone, even if your not a bird. Sara is sure getting to be a good little flyer. Is nice for her, she doesn’t have to try to walk everywhere now, she flies… 😉

  2. Les

    Sara is the nicest bird I’ve had yet, she has to hang onto the side of the cage sometimes to keep her balance. But since she’s been with me, she has more confidence and has been sitting on the rope perch and balancing quite well. You can tell her confidence went way up when she discovered she can fly now. So cool, I am glad I took her home, her and Buddy are very happy. They love getting attention from me now, Buddy even let me hold him with out any struggle…

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