Evolution is called Change over Time but, each minor change is erroneously called a new species

When Charles Darwin voyaged on the Beagle, he saw variations of finches on various of the Galapagos Islands. Basically, the only variation was the size of the beak. What he observed was a fact. Over time, different conditions can make variations in different groups of animals.

This fact is what allows the American Kennel Club to name new breeds (variations) of dogs. Variations of dogs develop when different genes in a population are isolated from other gene pools. The isolated gene pools start to take on a “family” resemblance to each other, same as families of people look similar.

Eventually, with enough inbreeding, a new breed of dog that looks different from every other breed of dog, will develop. But, guess what – the end product is still a dog. Nothing evolved into anything else.

But, when this happens in the wild, due to various circumstances, it is called evolution, and the resulting variations are given new species names.

That is all Charles Darwin saw — isolated populations of finches that lived on different islands.

Then, because he wanted to explain away God as creator, he concluded that since these birds looked different, that all life on earth is related to each other and changed gradually from one to the other.

That took a big stretch of the imagination. But, the only other alternative is God, the Creator. Some people will go a long way to avoid believing something they do not want to believe.

There are many types of variations in all types of animals. These minor variations are given “species” names. Now, the definition of species is that they can only interbreed with others in the same group.

But, people who give new names to new species do not bother to find out if it is indeed a NEW species, in a genetic population unique to itself.

Dogs, wolves and coyotes (God’s dog-kind) can interbreed, grizzly bears and polar bears (God’s bear-kind) can interbreed, lions and tigers (God’s cat-kind) can interbreed. This is a very short list of animals that can interbreed.

All of this interbreeding gives evidence that God created the basic kinds of animals, and then the variations developed as the animals moved throughout the world, getting in isolated populations by choice or by geography.

Evolution is a faith without any proof.

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.


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2 responses to “Evolution is called Change over Time but, each minor change is erroneously called a new species

  1. Lady

    as I look about the world, seeing more and more, through the wonders of television and the internet, travelling the globe without leaving my chair. I am amazed as to why people are doubtful of the Creator. From the largest beast to the tiniest organism, it’s there to be seen and believed. Man can tinker with the ‘strands’ of life if he dares to, but the start of it all, the creation is a wonderful thing. Each new dawn brings new wonders, it’s a fact of LIFE. Thank you for the blog X, reading it was marvellous. LadyPx

  2. X-Evolutionist

    @Lady Penelope: People are doubtful of the creator because they are taught that it is a fact that we are all the products of chance and time. There is no need for God. I’ve believed in God for 13 years now, not long considering my age, and now I am trying to point out all the things I missed when I couldn’t see what is obvious to me now. Thanks for the nice comments! X

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