What would you rather do: A: Get a root canal or B: Spend all morning with HP tech support…

Next time I’m getting the root canal…

We got a new printer a couple of months ago. It does not print. It can scan, but it can not print because it always thinks it is out of paper.

So, all ding dong day, I’ve been talking to HP, telling them I want to replace my broken printer. I get transferred, cut off, call back, get transferred, have to explain the problem again, get transferred. Then, they call me, put me on hold, all morning….

AAARRRGGG. What a hassle! I finally have gotten to the point where I am expecting an e-coupon to buy a new printer. It did not come yet. The guy said he would call back and make sure I got it.

NOOOO! At this point, I just want to be left alone…..I don’t want a free printer.. Just let me go get a root canal…


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8 responses to “What would you rather do: A: Get a root canal or B: Spend all morning with HP tech support…

  1. Ed

    I have the same problem with Dell support at work. Call them up, explain the problem and we’ve run the diagnostic software then get asked why we ran the diagnostics. Eventually we get told we’ve run the wrong department and get transferred only to have to start again with a different person…urgh. What usually works is being really really direct and TELLING them you want a replacement, don’t give them a chance to tell you otherwise. If they don’t listen, say you will take your business elesewhere. Throw in some consumer protection laws that apply in the US (that mention how they must give you a refund etc.- research this bit) and they should listen. Failing that, take it back to the store where you bought it and say it’s their problem. In the UK they are the ones who have to replace stuff that doesn’t work.

  2. X-Evolutionist

    @Ed: I totally sympathize! X

  3. Dave

    I remember a few years back having an on line conversation with a technician from AOL over a slow connection. He absolutely insisted that I should disconnect my modem, and then he would tell me what to do next………………


    "Tech support"….yeah, right! I have a good experience when I call Dell about this laptop because I paid extra for dedicated tech support from native English speakers. When I call I get a team in Canada and these folks actually know what they’re doing when it comes to personal confusers…..a term I picked up years ago from TechTV when I was fairly new at computing. I have always had a good experience with this team and they’ve sent a tech to my home, twice, to make repairs they couldn’t do over the phone or using remote access.Our other 3 laptops are a whole ‘nother story. Calling tech support on one of their service tags gets me an Indian named "Rodney" or "David" or the ubiquitous "Johnny". These guys are script readers. They have a bubble chart on a PC screen and if the script they follow on that chart doesn’t fix your problem you’re pretty much hosed.We have Dells because I’m still eligible for a DEEP discount through the corporate purchase plan from my last employer. If it wasn’t for that I would be shopping elsewhere.

  5. Ed

    @ Rocket Man: We’re supposed to have an enterprise contract with Dell, but still get put through the the Indian call centers 90% of the time. Despite us being IT professionals, they don’t listen to us when we tell them we know whats wrong and what part needs replacing.

  6. X-Evolutionist

    @Everybody: I finally got my e-coupon for a new printer in the email. Let’s see if I can really get a new printer with it…. Thanks for sharing all your woes. I do not feel alone! X

  7. ╬ ◦ MәţǎmðŗρЂΦşǐک

    hahaha oi yeah been there done that one… after "Tech support" it could drive one to therapy haha…God bless!!

  8. X-Evolutionist

    UPDATE: A happy ending — I got an e-coupon from HP to buy a new printer of my choice off their site – for $20 more than my first printer cost. I had told them it was unacceptable that my printer did not feed the paper after only two months, and apparently they agreed! I’m all about being the squeaky wheel. I love to get my grease! My new printer, a different model, came yesterday. Now I just have to hook it up. X

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