My lifelong quest for a pair of sneakers that is wide enough has come to an end!

I have big feet. I am a lady almost six feet tall, and something that tall needs a big pedestal or it tips over. I also have very wide feet, in addition to big, so wide that no wide shoes are wide enough for me.

For years and years, the only shoe I’ve been able to wear are Birkenstocks (I wear veggie style made with no leather) They are shaped like feet, and are very comfortable.

But, there are just some times I want to wear a pair of sneakers! I surfed and surfed and surfed and finally called a shoe company who actually recommended another shoe company!

Converse Men’s Chuck Taylor Original Sneakers are my new sneaker of choice and they come in pink for girls!

Pink sneakers for ladies with wide feet

They lace up all the way down to the toe so I can make them loose where my feet are the  widest!


I got new shoes, I got new shoes, I got new shoes!


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7 responses to “My lifelong quest for a pair of sneakers that is wide enough has come to an end!

  1. Greg

    I’ve been an ardent lover of Converse All-Stars (we call them "Chucks" round here) for many years. It was practially the only shoe I ever wore in college. At one point, I think I had close to a dozen pairs of high-top Chucks in various colors and states of decay. I still have a basic pair of navy blue ones that I wear with jeans and white ones that I wear to mow the yard, both of which are over 10 years old and still look as stylish as the day I bought em. Over the past weekend, I picked up a brand new pair of low-top grey Chucks for summer. Classics never go out of style. 😉

  2. X-Evolutionist

    @Greg: Woohoo! We have something in common. I’m happy to hear that they last so long. Chucks? I learned something new today! X


    Bag in olden times, you know…..the last century…..there were retail establishments known as shoe stores and I could always find shoes to fit my gunboats. Now I can’t find a brick and mortar shoe store that actually has a pair of 12 1/2 EE tennis shoes in a style I would be caught dead in (don’t glow in the dark, have sparkles or make my dog sick if he looks at them). In all fairness, we do have a Redwing shoe store in town but their entire stock consists of boots and the cheapest pair I’ve seen are $195.00.

  4. Tracey

    Ugh! Shoes are a problem. FEET are a problem! l would never buy shoes without trying them on – a recipe for disaster if ever l heard one. l wish l could wear Birkenstocks. l’ve heard they’re like orthotics – you won’t have problems with your feet if you’ve always been wearing them! Glad you found something you like!

  5. X-Evolutionist

    @Tracey: I actually bought my Converse All Stars in a store, so I tried them on first. I wanted laceup shoes for housework. Birkies are too easy to take off. Laceup shoes keeps me in work mode. X@Rocket: You know, I probably could have tried more places for wide shoes, but when the price is that high it is not an option! I feel your pain. X

  6. Lady

    now that’s what I call comfort. I take size 7 (Europe sizes) and I always felt, back in my younger days, that heels made my feet look smaller. It’s only recently , last two years in fact, that I’ve taken to wearing trainers and OH!! the comfort, the bouceability, the sheer ease of walking, well I just couldn’t believe what I’d been missing all those years (won’t say how many) AND I hardly ever wear high heels. I ‘d probably fall over if I did. Enjoy your new shoes and bye for now. LadyPx

  7. X-Evolutionist

    @Lady Penelope: I’ve never worn high heels. At this point, I would not be able to. You have to train your feet early to fit into a pointed toe. My mother has her poor toenails bent in half from her toes being crammed in pumps for so many years. Poor Moma! X

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