How to start a Windows Live Group

Windows Live Groups is a wonderful part of the Windows Live community. In Windows Live Groups you can have as few or as many members as you wish. You can make a group to talk about your favorite things and find others who have your same interests.

(Please note: This post assumes you already have a Windows Live account)

To start your new Windows Live Group click here and you will see this page:


Click “Create a group” and this screen comes up. Note the numbers in red and follow the instructions below the image:

Create a group

  1. Type in the name you want for your group, such as: Dog Lovers
  2. Type in the address you want for your group. You can not change this, so plan carefully. It is best to have no spaces in the address. Suggestions for the group name above would be dog-lovers, dog_lovers or doglovers.
  3. Do you want anybody to join or do you just want to choose people you want to join.
  4. Chose the design you want for your group’s page.
  5. If you have less than 20 people in your group, you can choose whether to talk to each other using Windows Live Messenger. If you have more than 20, this will no longer be an option.
  6. When you have filled in all the options for your group, click "Create".

You will see this page:

Your group Now you have a new group with yourself as the only member. Click on “Options” to set up your group. You will see this pull-down menu:Group options Select “Group Options” and you will see a page with the same options you saw above, but now there are more options:

More group options Describe your group in the blank provided. By now, you will have gotten an email with instructions for how you can further personalize your group!

Thanks for creating new groupYou can invite people to your new group, you can pick a picture that will serve as your new group’s logo, and then you can start the first discussion in your new group!

Have fun with your new Windows Live Group!


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3 responses to “How to start a Windows Live Group

  1. Lezli

    It’s nice that msn has created the group feature. Is there a way to search for groups to join?

  2. X-Evolutionist

    @Lezli: No, at this point it is not possible to search for groups. We hope it will be a feature that is available in the future. Some groups are private, so there is no current search for that reason. X

  3. Prabu

    I created a new Group, but i don’t see the "Discussions", i don’t find a way to enable it? am I missing something or is the Discussions feature discontinued?

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