With Windows Media Center, my Windows 7 computer is an integral part of my home entertainment!

We have our Windows 7 computer hooked up as part of our entertainment network. This setup has many advantages for us.

ATT00035 The most obvious advantage is that my computer monitor is a 32” big screen TV.  I have a desktop computer, not a laptop.

But, thanks to my Microsoft wireless mouse and keyboard, my desk chair is my Lazy Boy recliner, my mouse pad is my Lazy Boy chair arm, and my computer desk is my lap, (or sometimes my dog).

At the left is a visual aid of Belty being my computer desk. In addition, you can see the high tech way I remember what I have programmed my functions keys to do. (ball point pen on masking tape does not show up well on a cell phone camera)

This has been a great setup for several reasons. First off, it is more comfortable for me. But, also, it enables my husband and me to both comfortably see the computer screen at the same time.

The best part of my hubby and I both being able to see the computer screen is being able to surf Windows Media Center together. We have had this computer for a couple of months, and we still have not run out of things to watch with Windows Media Center!

We can watch our Netflix movies, watch movie previews, watch TV show clips, and even watch entire TV shows.

I recommend that you make Windows Media Center a part of your home entertainment network!



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