“Windows Live Spaces Spam Central Reporting Service” is closed – See Update

Edited to add: June 10, 2010:

Spam News! Spaces Blog comments have been revised so that when you click "Delete" you have the option to immediately report that comment as spam. Since it is so easy to report spammers now, I have decided to stop collecting spammers and relaying them to Abuse personally. Each of us now have to just delete one spam comment and mark it as spam to report it. Hopefully this change will help the situation. X


(Edited to add: Also see this post: 3/29/2010 Spam News: It is official — I am working with Windows Live Support to improve the spam situation)

Partial quote from that post: 


I was told:

Yes, you can say that you are speaking with support, but can’t offer any timelines on action as yet.

The most you should offer would be your reassurance that you are working with Windows Live Support to improve this situation and not offer anything specific as to where that will go.

End quote


Calling all Windows Live Spaces comment spam victims:

I have decided to re-open “Windows Live Spaces Spam Central Reporting Service”.

Please note the new details of operation:

I request that you do not report your spammers, yourself anymore. Please go to the spammer’s profile and copy and paste the profile url as a comment to this post.

My goal is to make a list of and report every spammer in Windows Live Spaces, so please help me in this endeavor.

Thank you,



See last post of this thread, partially quoted here for your convenience. Windows Live Support says:

 We are currently developing a more efficient way of deleting the comments left up on user’s pages.

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Edited to add: June 10, 2010:

Spam News! Spaces Blog comments have been revised so that when you click "Delete" you have the option to immediately report that comment as spam. Since it is so easy to report spammers now, I have decided to stop collecting spammers and relaying them to Abuse personally. Each of us now have to just delete one spam comment and mark it as spam to report it. Hopefully this change will help the situation. X


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94 responses to ““Windows Live Spaces Spam Central Reporting Service” is closed – See Update

  1. Calvin

    Morning X. It looks like the spammers have cut down on their overall spamming activity on Spaces but are now focusing all of their efforts on Spamming you. Maybe this is a good sign that they are getting desperate. In any case here are the few spammer profiles and their names that I found over the pas 24 hours.4/5/10http://cid-5af63fd3bb0d69ec.profile.live.com/ diana luuhttp://cid-ae7bd5160d5772dc.profile.live.com/ chenddhttp://cid-a57b07d921ec63cd.profile.live.com/ No name

  2. X-Evolutionist

    @Calvin: Thank you very much for the spammers list. I pasted in the entry above the post from my Spammer help thread that we both posted on. They say they are working on a way to delete spam more efficiently. I hope it is soon! X

  3. Calvin

    Here are some spammers with names that I found today. Note that "No name" is still actively spamming so I’m not sure what Microsoft is saying about the "No name" accounts being disabled. I’m confused by their statement.4/6/10http://cid-8d2befaddb0b6814.profile.live.com/ No namehttp://cid-81946420f31b0cc2.profile.live.com/ h thttp://cid-dfc36ebf7c30c81b.profile.live.com/ marry dsdj

  4. X-Evolutionist

    Calvin: Thank you! Maybe they (finally) decided against calling the closed accounts "No Name". I reported the one below last week. Looks like it is really closed. X

  5. Calvin

    Here are more spammers and their "names". Note that "no name" is still an active account and "h t" is a different account than was previously reported. Maybe "h t" in China is like John Smith in the USA. Go figure. Keep the faith. We’ll eventually win the war against the spammers X. Cheers.4/7/10http://cid-b406de04c3df125f.profile.live.com/ No namehttp://cid-4286ed778d15731a.profile.live.com/ li ranhttp://cid-7286d1c89c4f5eff.profile.live.com/ No namehttp://cid-ba076aa580a967ea.profile.live.com/ h t

  6. X-Evolutionist

    @Calvin: Thank you for the spammers’ list! A clarificatin of the No Name accounts: They are the original, spamming, No Name accounts unless Support has removed their What’s New history. I wish they would just call the accounts "Closed", period, so it would not be so confusing for everybody. X

  7. Calvin

    X here’s one more that I found on your own blog just a little while ago. I’m sure you’ve seen it as well but just want to make sure we don’t miss any spammers.http://cid-da04f3518ea69e11.profile.live.com/ 徐雅琪

  8. X-Evolutionist

    @Calvin: Thank you! I appreciate your thoughfulness! X

  9. Benny

    http://cid-ff915f823b95d2d1.profile.live.com/ No namehttp://cid-6130d8aa72335779.profile.live.com/ No namehttp://cid-b0054d035f3a9a91.profile.live.com/ No name

  10. Calvin

    Morning X. Here are today’s spammers. They got pretty busy with our good friend Andre’s (Teching it Easy)blogs. I hope Microsoft takes some action soon to prevent this spamming from continuing.4/8/10http://cid-6a50b1d4c47da865.profile.live.com/ frhr kuyluhttp://cid-8e0c4fc19bfa0892.profile.live.com/ hom leehttp://cid-3334c8002e2811d1.profile.live.com/ No namehttp://cid-39f32b2b3c620e3c.profile.live.com/ Nancyhttp://cid-226e63994adc03ab.profile.live.com/ YU 刘http://cid-7015bb3ac2880300.profile.live.com/ Sallyhttp://cid-db3178b9bbf4e438.profile.live.com/ 蓉 沈http://cid-0b9b0781c7727c97.profile.live.com/ 明http://cid-0e5f512d5b570cbc.profile.live.com/ No Namehttp://cid-77f815fd668cc0aa.profile.live.com/ 江林 熊http://cid-8d2befaddb0b6814.profile.live.com/ No namehttp://cid-ca905d01aba4dbc5.profile.live.com/ 儿 雨

  11. X-Evolutionist

    @Calvin and Benny: Thank you very much for the help! @Everybody: Report your Windows Live Spaces comment spammers here in these comments. Thank you. X

  12. Lezli

    One I found while reading a friend’s blog -http://cid-4334079123c06a5d.profile.live.com/

  13. Calvin

    Good morning X. Well our spammer’s have been very busy. The following 12 spammers accounted for a total of 298 individual spam comments in just one evening. I’m praying that Microsoft will soon get in front of and prevent these spammers from contaminating our Spaces ecosystem. Trying to keep the faith…4/9/10http://cid-67f76d48629758f4.profile.live.com/ No namehttp://cid-39f32b2b3c620e3c.profile.live.com/ Nancyhttp://cid-d8c0fdcefff3c534.profile.live.com/ 羽 柳http://cid-77f815fd668cc0aa.profile.live.com/ 江林 熊http://cid-1e66d52cdf751c95.profile.live.com/ shen Angelina http://cid-67f76d48629758f4.profile.live.com/ No namehttp://cid-226e63994adc03ab.profile.live.com/ YU 刘http://cid-b8ddb8afd05bfaa4.profile.live.com/ xiangqi lhttp://cid-8e0c4fc19bfa0892.profile.live.com/ hom leehttp://cid-06944221d1b9001d.profile.live.com/ pu tanghttp://cid-c9fd9c898b4fb5f8.profile.live.com/ Cindyhttp://cid-67182e8562d61fbb.profile.live.com/ jinzi2012 l

  14. X-Evolutionist

    @Calvin and Lezli: Thank you for the spammers! Things are going slow right now as far as getting spammer accounts closed. Some support people think that ALL "No Name" accounts are already closed. We know that’s not true! I’m still trying my best to represent our side of the issue with support. Wish me luck. X

  15. Calvin

    Hello X. Here are two more active "No name" spammers. Cheers and have a nice weekend.4/10/10http://cid-c0fa6d45ec5a9142.profile.live.com/ No namehttp://cid-ebd3301b3b27aa6b.profile.live.com/ No name

  16. X-Evolutionist

    @Calvin: Thanks bunches for all your contributions! @Everybody: Please post your Windows Live Spaces comment spammer profiles here. Thank you. X

  17. Calvin

    A few Sunday Spammers. Don’t they ever rest…?4/11/10http://cid-77b15dfab55291ae.profile.live.com/ chenddhttp://cid-8c128fc91244349c.profile.live.com/ 儿 雨http://cid-96813c08544736eb.profile.live.com/ nini

  18. Calvin

    Good morning X. Have you gotten any new feedback from Microsoft on the spamming problem in Live Spaces? I’m a little disappointed that I don’t see very many reports from other readers. I have to believe there are lots of us seeing this problem. What amazes me the most is that even when spamming occurs in the Clubhouse it never seems to get deleted by any of the site administrators. Don’t they look at any of the posts on there own site? Anyway, on to the task at hand. Here are new spammers found today.4/12/10http://cid-b5a90c916c78d388.profile.live.com/ No namehttp://cid-df4a0244efd479d1.profile.live.com/ wang xiaohttp://cid-28eb8eb1e36d9e17.profile.live.com/ No namehttp://cid-a38e15401fe40737.profile.live.com/ wo teamhttp://cid-42944bcad266e274.profile.live.com/ No namehttp://cid-c30a9db18431f5e5.profile.live.com/ ss

  19. X-Evolutionist

    @Calvin and Benny: Thank you for the spammer profiles! Calvin: I’m sorry, I am not allowed to give any official details about what Support is doing, other what you and I can both see for ourselves. All the spam in the Clubhouse bugs me, too. Apparently both you and I get alerts. X

  20. Isaac

    http://cid-d0bfe8a6a553e3f6.profile.live.com/ casanova man <— that one is spam AND porn.

  21. X-Evolutionist

    @Isaac: Thank you for the Spammer profiles and their names! @Everybody: Please post your spammer profile urls and names here. Thank you, X

  22. Calvin

    X here are a few new spammers as well as a few reported last week so it appears no action has been taken yet.4/13/10http://cid-e3feb0c6ead22776.profile.live.com/ Tinahttp://cid-d8c0fdcefff3c534.profile.live.com/ 羽 柳http://cid-67f76d48629758f4.profile.live.com/ No namehttp://cid-91ebcf4078174492.profile.live.com/ homhttp://cid-eb6ec6f8909093ed.profile.live.com/ bestuk10 zhuhttp://cid-1e66d52cdf751c95.profile.live.com/ shen Angelinahttp://cid-2e0dace213b1479c.profile.live.com/ juanhttp://cid-ff0ee4cb6f6315da.profile.live.com/ 林美珠 (Windows Community Clubhouse)

  23. X-Evolutionist

    @Rocket and Calvin: Thank you for the reports. I will turn them in. I’m sorry about the fact that reported accounts are still spamming. Support is working on how best to handle the situation as I quote in the post abve. X

  24. Calvin

    Happy hump day. I went back to the beginning of the comments on this reopened "spam central", around March 28th, and since then I’d estimate that 90% of the sites reported up until about 6 days ago have all been disabled. That’s some pretty encouraging news! The spammers are still very active, opening and spamming with new accounts but Microsoft seems to at least be responding to the problem. Now the question is will they implement more controls making it harder to establish accounts with the sole purpose of spamming? Here are today’s spammers…4/14/10http://cid-c0abcdc94c13beaf.profile.live.com/ No namehttp://cid-4348c89137a20eda.profile.live.com/ f rhttp://cid-7b42d5b08a486f73.profile.live.com/ g ghttp://cid-2ab9b6805813a1c5.profile.live.com/ Mayhttp://cid-0a995fe8dc362ef4.profile.live.com/ jiaoliang yaohttp://cid-03d2e25ba1e28900.profile.live.com/ jinghttp://cid-13b60e0d714dcea8.profile.live.com/ Tina Tina

  25. X-Evolutionist

    @Calvin: Thank you for the good report about the accounts being disabled! And, thanks as always for the spammer profile report and for the names. That’s a big help. X

  26. Calvin

    Spammer list for Thursday. 4/15/10http://cid-5c6950752055081b.profile.live.com/ li xiaohttp://cid-fb18cda7282993c0.profile.live.com/ h thttp://cid-10e846e1af2ffd4e.profile.live.com/ No namehttp://cid-3334c8002e2811d1.profile.live.com/ No namehttp://cid-314bc1c247e15c13.profile.live.com/ No namehttp://cid-e048d1a3f2e4a06c.profile.live.com/ No name

  27. X-Evolutionist

    @Calvin: Thank you for your report! X

  28. Calvin

    X, Very slim pickens for a Friday. I hope this is a sign of good news that the spammers are getting tired or better yet that Microsoft is making it harder for spammers to do their thing. 4/16/10http://cid-6508ca7ccc4f5726.profile.live.com/ No namehttp://cid-e080ce324afc9424.profile.live.com/ hong

  29. X-Evolutionist

    @Calvin: It is definitely harder to get a new account, that’s for sure. I logged out yesterday to have a closer look at the process to get a new account. There is captcha text now and it says this: "This helps us prevent automated programs from creating accounts and sending spam." Obviously, things are going to get better. Thanks for the report! X

  30. Calvin

    Gee what else would I be doing on a beautiful Saturday morning but report spammers to you. I gotta get a life! 😉 4/17/10http://cid-c30a9db18431f5e5.profile.live.com/ sshttp://cid-0b630caa49400ead.profile.live.com/ No namehttp://cid-e080ce324afc9424.profile.live.com/ honghttp://cid-e6db0ab60d053f53.profile.live.com/ pu tanghttp://cid-00255683722fabe6.profile.live.com/ No namehttp://cid-1be1e7abb4a5f754.profile.live.com/ No namehttp://cid-aab08a47d8f3ae0a.profile.live.com/ No namehttp://cid-2b25343c6414d438.profile.live.com/ 小蝶 杨

  31. X-Evolutionist

    @Calvin: You and me both! I was just clicking though reported accounts and checking which are closed. Contrary to what you told me, I haven’t found many that look closed to me. What am I missing? Post a link of a closed account for an example. Thanks bunches. X

  32. Calvin

    I know that calling many of the spammer accouonts "closed" when they actually seem to be suspended or simply inactive. If you look at the dates of the spamming, in many cases, they occur on one single day, they get reported and then there is no more activity. Some are fully closed and some are merely inactive. I don’t know if this is the result of something Microsoft has done or just coincidence. Here are two new spammers. Note that "pu tang" is not the same as the "pu tang" I had previously reported. Maybe in China that name is like "Joe Smith". 4/18/10http://cid-9d2ac88256ca9215.profile.live.com/ chaussureshttp://cid-d70dddda624999e2.profile.live.com/ pu tang

  33. analia virginia

    Me parece una excelente idea denunciar a los spamers, estoy totalmente de acuerdo.

  34. X-Evolutionist

    @Calvin: The original "No Name" accounts were so easy to get that spammers got a new one every time they spammed. They did a hit and run, essentially, then got a new account next time. Fortunately, that isn’t done any more since the accounts are more difficult to get. Thanks for your spammer list and names. I’ll report them Monday. X

  35. X-Evolutionist

    @ Analia: Thank you for agreeing to denounce spammers! Please give me your spammer profiles and names so that I can report them to Support. X

  36. Ludwig J.

    My latest:Spammer No name:13Apr10http://cid-8ea1e239aaff86a4.profile.live.com/14Apr10http://cid-8b7d52caf8fd260d.profile.live.com/19Apr10http://cid-5d8adbe82e119b08.profile.live.com/

  37. X-Evolutionist

    @Ludwig: Thank you very much for the spammer profiles! I will report them. X

  38. Calvin

    X here are nine new spammers found today. I reported my master list to you in a reply to your PM so you should have everything I have. 4/19/10http://cid-e806594df3a36f5f.profile.live.com/ yy wanghttp://cid-4b0b735392d3fdf6.profile.live.com/ No namehttp://cid-ae720e482d1cc0e9.profile.live.com/ fangfang fangfanghttp://cid-228cdaa7d63ada60.profile.live.com/ coal coalhttp://cid-bba63ed91e008957.profile.live.com/ wang jimmyhttp://cid-9d2ac88256ca9215.profile.live.com/ chaussureshttp://cid-313fa2834e394f8d.profile.live.com/ 琳 (this guy hit 8 of my own blog posts)http://cid-e3a5077bf276265f.profile.live.com/ xghttp://cid-b39d38702b7ca17b.profile.live.com/ fang qu

  39. X-Evolutionist

    @Calvin: I do not get PM notices any more. They are broken and I’m trying to get them to work, so I missed your PM. Thank you for the spammer list! X

  40. X-Evolutionist

    @SPAMMER UPDATE: I have been told by Support that many more of the Spammer accounts have been disabled. As I quote in the post above, Support is also working on a way to delete the comments they leave in our spaces. Please continue to keep reporting your new spammers. Thank you, X

  41. Calvin

    Here’s my morning Spammer Report.4/20/10http://cid-d936948319a8fa68.profile.live.com/ h thttp://cid-bc34eed3bf47709f.profile.live.com/ No namehttp://cid-af41fc6be33f049b.profile.live.com/ wan xiaohttp://cid-f6efb41bfaf73868.profile.live.com/ tyzailgl t

  42. X-Evolutionist

    @Calvin: Thank you very much! I appreciate your help! X@Everybody: I am officially allowed by Support to collect spammer profiles and turn them in. Please report your spammer profiles and names to me. Thank you. X

  43. X-Evolutionist

    @Everybody: Check your space for spam using this link: http://profile.live.com/recentcomments/ Report spammers from the last 24 hours here. Thank you. X

  44. X-Evolutionist

    @Ludwig: HT gets around. I’ve had that one a few times…. Thank you for the report! X

  45. X-Evolutionist

    @Windows Live Spaces comment spam victims: Post your new spammers’ profile urls and their names here. I will report them directly to support today. X

  46. Calvin

    Here are todays spammers. 4/21/10http://cid-97f0f49a5bf06ce2.profile.live.com/ No namehttp://cid-c326e3ca908df5eb.profile.live.com/ 昇斌http://cid-313fa2834e394f8d.profile.live.com/ 琳http://cid-83cbc8ec422f05e6.profile.live.com/ jiehttp://cid-617afa954d161c6a.profile.live.com/ No namehttp://cid-dc15b70837e8f49f.profile.live.com/ No namehttp://cid-82478d45b2351a36.profile.live.com/ No namehttp://cid-de86bd9647f4e378.profile.live.com/ No namehttp://cid-8b7d52caf8fd260d.profile.live.com/ No namehttp://cid-a8b4a1ab9a41adc8.profile.live.com/ No namehttp://cid-47a25626e230c33c.profile.live.com/ laptopbatteries tophttp://cid-bba63ed91e008957.profile.live.com/ wang jimmyhttp://cid-dfef44814c2a7756.profile.live.com/ jing lin

  47. X-Evolutionist

    @Calvin: Thank you bunches! I appreciate your help gathering these up. I’ll report them this morning. X

  48. X-Evolutionist

    @Benny: What did the account you reported do? There is no activity in its account. In addition, you do not have a blog. I report accounts that post spam comments in Windows Live Spaces blog entries. X

  49. X-Evolutionist

    @Everybody: We need your help to stop Spammers. Please check your Windows Live Space for spam comments daily with this link:http://profile.live.com/recentcomments/and report your recent Spammers’ profiles and names here. If you ignore the Spammers, they win and we all lose. I will report them to Support daily. Thank you, X

  50. Calvin

    Here are todays list of spammers. I wish people would take the time to delete the the spam comments that appear on their blogs when they occur in order to help discourage further spamming. 4/22/10http://cid-fbbb275d8034ed39.profile.live.com/ 俊榮http://cid-114111e95ae9b59b.profile.live.com/ christian louboutinhttp://cid-c2980c2938fdee85.profile.live.com/ vincent lvhttp://cid-b8b4e9147709c6ba.profile.live.com/ dorahttp://cid-5b3da984a7663ce4.profile.live.com/ No name

  51. X-Evolutionist

    @Calvin: I have reported the spammers. Thanks bunches, as always, for your help in this fight! As far as deleting spam, I can understand that now. I’ve been getting it more and more and more, and it just takes too much time out of my week to delete it all, at least an hour a day. At this point, I’m hoping that when Wave 4 comes out there will be a batch delete for comments. X

  52. Calvin

    Here are the list of spammers for today. Much lighter, I’m encouraged. I’d forget about the idea of batch delete of spammers since you’ll likely delete real valid commenters too. It is always easier to prevent the spamming from occuring rather than remove it after the fact. Lets hope spam prevention is what Microsoft plans to focus on in Wave 4.2/23/10http://cid-b73f39c1f572d012.profile.live.com/ huanghttp://cid-19907c6621739f5b.profile.live.com/ ebay linhttp://cid-3927949c895ac29c.profile.live.com/ No name

  53. X-Evolutionist

    @Calvin: Thank you very much for the list of Spammers! I will report them to Support in the little bit. "Batch delete", as I envision it, would be like in Hotmail where you can put a checkmark next to everything you want to delete and delete the marked comments at once. X

  54. X-Evolutionist

    @Calvin and other interested parties: I get Alerts on some spaces that are mostly abandoned now and get a lot of spam. I found several more spammers. Here is the list I just reported to Support:http://cid-19907c6621739f5b.profile.live.com/ ebay linhttp://cid-3927949c895ac29c.profile.live.com/ No namehttp://cid-3fa01e9611bff729.profile.live.com/ laptopbatteries top http://cid-72f9e5d609bebcba.profile.live.com/ chendd http://cid-7e6b6c1e43458241.profile.live.com/ laptopbatteries tophttp://cid-a6a739f0740bfd35.profile.live.com/ 3 eworld http://cid-ae720e482d1cc0e9.profile.live.com/ fangfang fangfang http://cid-b73f39c1f572d012.profile.live.com/ huanghttp://cid-badd99e21aa7cb1d.profile.live.com/ No nameX

  55. Calvin

    Here are the weekend spammers. The so called batch delete of spammer using check boxes sounds find I would just like the emphasis to be put on proactive prevention. 4/24/10http://cid-72f9e5d609bebcba.profile.live.com/ chenddhttp://cid-b93897824e966647.profile.live.com/ 雪萍http://cid-ff7a91daf671a88e.profile.live.com/ No namehttp://cid-465cd928f6ab1271.profile.live.com/ No namehttp://cid-825aefe9f5ede5b7.profile.live.com/ 绿茶http://cid-342aa1c456782b06.profile.live.com/ No namehttp://cid-40c66801ea2e3307.profile.live.com/ No name

  56. X-Evolutionist

    @Calvin: I’m with you on "proactive prevention", absolutely. Thanks for the Spammer list. X

  57. Calvin

    On our day of rest, a slight reprieve.4/25/10http://cid-c99cefd68f546b03.profile.live.com/ ping lihttp://cid-065f3e8092f74cd4.profile.live.com/ No namehttp://cid-67dd1c9f8c4b1ed7.profile.live.com/ No name

  58. X-Evolutionist

    @Dave: Nice! Before I quit eating animals, I loved spam. Seriously. My mom fed it to us a lot when I was a kid.@Calvin: Thanks for the spammers. I’ll report them. X

  59. Calvin

    Here’s another batch of spammers. Note that the last one changed their name from 雪萍 to Shadow but has a profile that I previously reported on 4/24. They are getting sneeky. 4/26/10http://cid-991cd0476f681a6d.profile.live.com/ battery csshttp://cid-6a57a594b73cb30e.profile.live.com/ No namehttp://cid-a3f528532975ef55.profile.live.com/ huang hanthanhttp://cid-f13230ec7a10f332.profile.live.com/ kitty maohttp://cid-0bf32a87a9424aa6.profile.live.com/ No namehttp://cid-34e4d726dcd3d289.profile.live.com/ wang xiaohttp://cid-b93897824e966647.profile.live.com/ Shadow (Same profile as 雪萍)

  60. Evelyn

    Thank you for creating this list, here’s today’s spammer.. http://cid-011e6576ce0bdaf6.profile.live.com/ – 初冰

  61. X-Evolutionist

    @Calvin thank you for the list of spammers! X@Evelyn: You are very welcome! Thank you for the spammer! X@Everybody: We can only get rid of the spammers if we all report them. Check your space for spammers: ( http://profile.live.com/recentcomments/ ) You report them to me, and I’ll report them directly to Support. Thank you, X

  62. X-Evolutionist

    @Calvin: Please post your report again. I was deleting spam, and it got deleted by mistake. Oops. X

  63. X-Evolutionist

    @Calvin: Again, sorry I accidentally deleted your post. I had already copied your spammers. Here are yours plus mine as I reported yesterday. I just like to keep a record of them here in the comments:Spammer Report for Tuesday 4-27-10:http://cid-011e6576ce0bdaf6.profile.live.com/ – 初冰http://cid-11b0a07e1cb36655.profile.live.com/ xu xiao http://cid-1c23135035b47059.profile.live.com/ No namehttp://cid-26cc7e15f6391c85.profile.live.com/ No namehttp://cid-270728f76955ee46.profile.live.com/ t whttp://cid-3bb03b65b463a2e5.profile.live.com/ stephanie hanhttp://cid-3f25b30c17e7e88c.profile.live.com/ No namehttp://cid-6e365a2b0839f406.profile.live.com/ 漫珑http://cid-6eb2eea633ff403d.profile.live.com/ No name http://cid-85ee5afc63e6e356.profile.live.com/ woaini lhttp://cid-8e0e9d3a8e348e99.profile.live.com/ h thttp://cid-91e78507acaf8085.profile.live.com/ No namehttp://cid-c0fa6d45ec5a9142.profile.live.com/ No namehttp://cid-c15ac05201ca7750.profile.live.com/ No namehttp://cid-c3406834243af137.profile.live.com/ com batteryhttp://cid-de33e5c2fb330f18.profile.live.com/ No namehttp://cid-e1bd8a08388fb23e.profile.live.com/ 三http://cid-e6dae8a10a318fb4.profile.live.com/ qian wanghttp://cid-fa50dced8184f745.profile.live.com/ wang xiaohttp://cid-fe6496033f48b0a0.profile.live.com/ chendd

  64. X-Evolutionist

    Spammers I reported to Support on Wednesday, April 28, 2010:http://cid-2ad6876fe0be6d36.profile.live.com/ vuitton louis http://cid-38b94d90eeffb461.profile.live.com/ No name http://cid-5e7fc5a01ab27325.profile.live.com/ Kanesha Sarcinella Private Message dating spamhttp://cid-9ea44990c96d78b6.profile.live.com/ No namehttp://cid-b611a4ae7d2c38e5.profile.live.com/ joly Anna http://cid-ce116ed22096797b.profile.live.com/ bestuk15 zhuX

  65. X-Evolutionist

    @Evelyn: Thank you for the spammer. This is a new profile that I have not seen before. I will report it to Windows Live Support. X

  66. X-Evolutionist

    @Everybody: Please check your Windows Live Space for spam comments daily with this link: http://profile.live.com/recentcomments/ and report your recent Spammers’ profiles and names here. I will report them directly to Windows Live Support. If you ignore the Spammers, they win and we all lose. Thank you, X

  67. X-Evolutionist

    @Everybody: Please report the profiles and names of your Windows Live Spaces comment spammers here. Check your space for spam:http://profile.live.com/recentcomments/X

  68. Tracey

    http://cid-2036323308d008ee.profile.live.com/ acai optimuml’m going now to delete these, hope that’s OK.

  69. X-Evolutionist

    @Tracey: Thanks for the spammers!

  70. X-Evolutionist

    @Everybody: Please report the profiles and names of your Windows Live Spaces comment spammers here. Check your space for spam:http://profile.live.com/recentcomments/X

  71. John

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  72. Tracey

    http://cid-3e830a3a367f2e6a.profile.live.com/ Name: 思霖@John, lol l was getting offers to see sexy undies last week. After about 7 or 8 l closed down my invites. Also time to close comments to friends of friends only. Sheesh! When is WL going to do something to protect us from this garbage?!

  73. Evelyn

    Today’s spammer was http://cid-71cae6d579d15b66.profile.live.com/What on Earth do they want from us? :(Got some funny friend invites today but rejected them without keeping the ID’s, will keep in mind to post them if they come again 🙂

  74. Evelyn

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  75. Orazio

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  76. Orazio

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  77. Orazio

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  78. Orazio

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  79. Johhny

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  80. glenn

    Please loose the no names, And the look 99 things. thanks for trying to fix this big problem.

  81. İbrahim

    siz kimsiniz imeylinizi türkce gönderirseniz sevinirim

  82. X-Evolutionist

    Spam News! Spaces Blog comments have been revised so that when you click "Delete" you have the option to immediately report that comment as spam. Since it is so easy to report spammers now, I have decided to stop collecting spammers and relaying them to Abuse personally. Each of us now have to just delete one spam comment and mark it as spam to report it. Hopefully this change will help the situation. X

  83. John

    Hi X, Thanks for the efforts. The Spam I am getting is mainly just personal invites and messages now. Tried the link and it IS much easier, just deny the message, click the block/report as spam link and its done. Just reported 9 individuals who have been sending the same messages I have been receiving for months now.

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